Two New Features

If you look at the black menu bar under the title of this blog, you will find two new entries: List of Families and Leaf Arrangement.

The List of Families page allows you to browse through every Family that has been mentioned in this blog, and gives you links to every post that features plants in that family.

This page differs from the Description of Families page, which has been present for some time. The Description page gives overviews of many plant families, with some examples, but no attempt has been made to include a link to every post that mentions that family. The purpose of this page is to give a sense of how a family might be recognized in the field.

The Leaf Arrangement entry consists of a main page and four sub-pages. This entry was designed to help you compare the leaf arrangement of a plant that you have just seen with examples in this blog of plants having the same leaf arrangement. If you are hoping to identify a plant you have seen here in western Panama, using the Leaf Arrangement approach will be the fastest way to discover whether that plant has been described here.

I hope you find these additions to the blog’s structure helpful.


One thought on “Two New Features”

  1. What I’d like to do is the ultimate collaboration of the scientific community on a single website. Our section will be known as Life. Imagine the, the scientific standards on one simple Web3.0 platform. We could never do this before the interwebs, but now we can! Imagine an entirely new presentation/format that branches out and is illustrated as a 3 dimensional web, the known nodes of which we show visually as the user browses (zooming in and out of) the web!. Right now there are thousands and thousands (or even more) of sources out there on the classification of taxa. We all need to collaborate! This new user interface will go over wikipedia and get bought out by google, but we’ll have to maintain that the scientific community has the final say. This will be our tool! This needs to be rigorous and this needs to be done!

    Cheers & Looking forward to hearing from you!

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